Need someone to do your BAS lodgement?

Paying accountant fees every time you submit your BAS?

Have your own bookkeeper and just need someone to submit your monthly or quarterly BAS?

Don’t pay accountant fees! GingerBooks is here to help.

Ensure your BAS is prepared and lodged properly and keep the ATO happy.  

We have many clients that have their own people in-house managing the bookkeeping and just need someone to submit their BAS.

We do it for over 20 different businesses. We can help you save money and avoid ATO fines.

Our Services

  • Preparation of your BAS
  • Review of your BAS
  • Timely lodgement of your BAS

Keep the ATO off your back with accurate and timely lodgement of your monthly or quarterly BAS. Contact GingerBooks today and remove the hassles.